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Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on September 2, 2020

I have come. It is Yeshua.

There are many who listen, yet do not hear. What do I mean by this? It is a matter of will. There is a will to listen, to seek for guidance, to reach to God and inquire of His angels which direction one should take, yet when an answer approaches the listener that is not what the listener would prefer, then that answer is stopped in its tracks. Why is this? Why does one only hear what one wants to hear and not God’s answer? This is the mark of an immature soul, my beloveds.

A soul who is growing in God’s Love becomes courageous and open. This openness stems from a growing trust in our Father, a trust that there are things in His vast wisdom that one is not aware of. This is not to say that the person is ignorant, but that this Universe is vast and complex and beyond the comprehension of the mind.

When one reaches for God in trust, one is able to accept those answers that do not meet with one’s mindful approval. The individual can then make decisions based on genuine guidance.

There are times, of course, when God does give one the answer that one wants to hear. Ironically, there are those who do not hear this welcome answer, as they are promptly inhibited by their own feelings of unworthiness or guilt.

One must be very clear in one’s understanding of one’s own motivations—and one’s fears: know thyself. I will begin by making a few suggestions. Look within until you find resistance. Now this could be a fear, feelings of unworthiness, lack of trust, stubbornness, hopelessness. Where are you stuck? What inhibits your happiness and what inhibits you from activating the qualities within you that can free you from these internal blockages? Once you have identified a blockage, TURN IT OVER TO GOD. He will heal you. Just ask. I repeat: just ask.

The next step is to monitor your thoughts when you are about to seek guidance. Do you harbour doubts? Do you fear the receipt of a certain answer? Are you afraid to ask because of this? Your doubts and fears must be addressed prior to your asking the question; otherwise, you will not receive clearly.

I wish to console you in your frustration, my beloveds. It is not easy to receive clearly. Not even the most highly-developed medium receives a clear and concise answer every time.

Truth comes to those who seek truth. And when I say “seek truth,” I mean seek God’s truth. The highest truth. There are levels and layers of truth, and a higher truth is not always discernible until the truth below it is understood.

Now I wish to speak to you of the times that you are currently in and the times to come. Much is coming that you cannot anticipate with your mind. You must seek guidance. You must pray to know that which will affect you personally and those whom you love. For those of you who are called to greater capacity in these times, to extend your influence of love and protection over many, including those outside of those you know and love, much will be given. You must pray as often as you can and not allow your thoughts to descend to a state of fear.

Much will be given to those who seek, for the salvation of one can lead to the salvation of many.

The coming disaster will shed light on the affairs of men that are not in harmony with God’s will and plan. Pray for the awakening of your brothers and sisters, my beloveds. Pray that they see the light: the light that is God, the light of truth.

I will be with you all. I am Yeshua.

Love part ii

Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on August 27, 2020

I am here. And yes, I wish to extend our discussion of this most important topic.

I am here. For all of you. For you truly are my brothers and sisters, and those of you who seek our Father’s Love and continue to strive for truth and, above all, seek to be in His service, walk with me. I am here.

The Love of God has power within it, the power to enact upon the soul a full and complete recreation of its nature. It is not that the substance of the human soul is simply displaced upon introduction of the Divine Substance, but that the Divine Substance, introduced into the open soul by the ministration of God’s Holy Spirit, binds irreversibly with that which is of the human and permeates it, engendering the creation of a new substance, which can be considered Divine.

The quality that makes it Divine is its purity. It is coherent, not only within itself, but with God’s Soul. It is at-one with its Creator. And this change, once complete, sparks what you would call miracles within the entire being of that individual. The being’s intentions change, from a will that is of an individual choice to a will that is in perfect alignment with God’s. The soul has surrendered its free will in this process and now serves one greater.

This is not an easy choice. For most people, the desire to do good has its limits. That is not to say that most people are self-serving, yet I do wish to distinguish between the level of benevolence in one who seeks God’s Love as compared to one who does not.

God’s Love is pure. Its intentions are pure. It clears away any motives within one’s soul that favour self over the wellbeing of God’s children.

As a species, the human being has learned to value its own survival. Yet the soul, the true human, does not perish with the physical death. Its survival depends not upon this life on Earth. The soul does not serve the physical body, it is the other way around. The body is a mere vehicle that the soul uses to exert its influence upon this very physical plane of existence.

What then is the purpose of life? Is it to glorify the body, to feed it, adorn it, house it in luxury? Dare I say, worship it? No. The purpose of life is to grow one’s soul, to express its unique purpose for the benefit of all and for the glory of God, who created it.

Feed your soul, my beloveds. Adorn it with good deeds. House it in the luxury of God’s embrace. And use your soul to worship Him. That is Love in its fullest expression: using the gifts of the soul to glorify God and to create a world of Love where all may thrive.

I am Yeshua. I will continue this message soon.


Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on August 18, 2020

I have come. Yeshua. Our topic tonight is Love. There is much I can say on this topic, but I will begin with what you need to know: that truth in its simplest form is Love, and that Love is the highest truth. What do I mean by this, that Love is the highest truth? It all comes back to God, does it not, the Originator of All Things? God IS Love. To say anything but is to blaspheme.

Love is an essence, the Essence of God. What humans commonly describe as Love is but a mere shadow of what God is. Humans are not capable of expressing that which emanates from God, as it is not in the same way a part of their nature. Human love imitates, to a degree, the qualities of compassion, kindness, and affection that are a part of God’s expression, stemming from His love nature. Yet the fullness and depth is lacking, as well as the eternal nature of His Love.

Human love is transient. It comes and goes, waxes and wanes, bursts in a fire of passion then flickers and fades. There is a reciprocity to the love, in that its increase often depends on the response to the outpouring that one party initiated. When you love someone, and they express love back, it increases your love for them. If they were to reject you, your love for them would not increase. It would more likely fade. This is conditional love.

The Love that God has for His children is unconditional. It does not change in quantity with your response to it. What changes is only your perception of it. When you recognize God’s Love for you, that expression of His Essence that is specifically given for you as an individual, you open yourself to His Love. When you recognize, first and foremost, that you are a child of God, and secondly, that your are a worthy object of His Love, then you accept this gift.

God’s Love is a gift. It is a pearl beyond price. For with this gift comes the transformation of the soul, bit by bit, into Divine Essence itself. That is a feat no human could ever hope to accomplish on his own. No human ever has, and no human ever will. The transformation of the soul can only be performed by He who created all souls. And He does this gladly. For it is His desire to have His children become at-one with Him.

I reiterate for those who are new to this concept: God’s Love, the Essence of His Soul, is available to all. All are worthy of this gift. One has but to ask Him for this blessing, and to allow its inflowing.

Over time, with repeated blessings of this gift, the human soul will undergo a complete transformation of its nature, such as my soul underwent when I walked this Earth. One becomes Divine. One becomes at-one with God.

I will end with a warning to those of you whose beliefs dictate that the Essence of God is already within: the Fall of Man was brought about by such a belief, and is being perpetuated by such. Seek God. Ask and you shall receive.

I will continue this topic at a later time. My love is with you. I am Yeshua, Master of the Celestial Kingdom, the first to be at-one with his Creator.


Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on August 11, 2020

I am here. I wish to speak on the subject of joy. For many, joy is elusive in these times. Insecurity about the future causes a dampening of the spirit, and the feeling that all is well is lacking.

I ask you to look above and beyond your current circumstances. Your world is in flux, and this brings with it challenges that seem insurmountable. And they are, until you turn your life over to the care of your Heavenly Father.

I come to tell you this because many people doubt. They doubt that their Father would choose to care for each individual rather than the world as a whole.

God is love. And He is fully capable of providing for every single soul on this planet, should they allow Him to do so.

So why does suffering persist? People, in general, do not trust their God. Some people believe they are not worthy of happiness. And this is exactly what is then created in their experience.

God’s Love and blessings must be invited in for them to be a part of your experience. This invitation does not have to be expressed consciously for it to be valid. The healthy soul, one which has not been damaged by abuse and condemnation, knows it is worthy of love and all forms of goodness. When a soul is punished—not by God (as I have said, God does not punish), but by man—it contracts. It seeks to shelter itself from further punishment.

A healthy soul is expansive, bright, and unhindered. It is capable of creating things of beauty and purpose, to add to this world in a positive manner. A healthy soul does not doubt its connection to Source, for that connection has never been perceived as lost. A healthy soul is bright. This is easily seen in a child who has loving parents and who has not been corrupted by the world. The loved child knows that he is loved and that his parents will provide for his needs—and even his wants. A child such as this would then be able to trust in God and feel that he is cared for. His soul would be open to God, and therefore be an open invitation for blessings to come in.

In contrast, the soul who feels itself unloveable, unappreciated, and uncared for by this world would see God in a different way. How could he reach to God for help and safety when he has no experience of receiving such from man? How could he feel deserving of goodness and blessings from God when he has been deemed unworthy by man? This soul needs love, yet God, the one who truly loves him and cares for him, is not allowed by this soul to provide these gifts. It is a shame, for so many suffer needlessly in this world.

God may deliver unto the open soul countless gifts—spiritual gifts that may be used in His service. These gifts are blessings to the world, they add to the creation of a better world for all, where abundant joy is possible.

Dive deeply into your soul, my beloveds. There you will find treasure. There you will find light. There you will find peace to carry you through these times. In your soul you will be able to communicate directly with your Creator, and He will show you a path you can take that will lead to joy and to Him. He is the Source of all goodness, the One who can bring to you true happiness. Seek Him!

I am Yeshua and I love you.

loss and love

Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on August 7, 2020

The concept behind preparedness is to diminish the need to panic when any unforeseen situation arises. Sometimes these situations are losses. How does one prepare for loss? One loves.

The pain of loss can be felt most deeply in the heart. The heart that loves is full. And that fullness does not come from a possession, for the loss of that possession would then leave a vacancy, a hole, so to speak. Love is fullness in of itself. It does not diminish with the passing of a loved one, or the passing of a beloved pet. It remains. What you feel as pain from the loss is love unfulfilled. Love in its fullness feels only joy. This is a difficult concept for many. The lack of love is felt as pain, the unloving acts one has committed, the angry feelings towards another. When one has acted selflessly in a relationship, showing the other kindness, compassion and love, then there is a completeness, a wholeness to that bond. It is an unbreakable bond. The love remains long after the physical separation. And there are no regrets.

Make peace with your loved ones. Give fully and purposefully of yourself. Treat your loved one as the perfect soul that they are, a child of God, beautiful and unique, and deserving of your love and care.

You can do this. You will be given the strength, the encouragement to do so, from us, your Celestial helpers and teachers. You must lead the way home.

Choose your actions wisely. They do determine your fate. And listen. Listen to the call of your soul, the call of love, the call to leave this world and its material entrapments, to be instead of a higher realm, God’s Kingdom.

I leave you with insight of a personal nature. There is not one soul on this earth who is not ready to die. It is inherent. The will to live coexists with the knowledge and certainty that one will inevitably die. Do not be afraid of death. It is but a transition, a doorway from one realm to the next.

I will come again to continue this discussion. I am Yeshua ben Yosef of the Celestial Kingdom, one who has been where you are now.

Forgiveness part II

Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on August 6, 2020

I have come yet again to speak on the topic of forgiveness. It is a topic worth repeating, for those who do not find it easy to accept that there is such a thing for them.

There is nothing anyone can do that will turn their Heavenly Father away from them. It is always you who chooses—consciously, or more often, unconsciously—to turn away from God.

All you have to do is turn back.

May all who have ears to hear, hear this: You are not in any way inherently evil. You, as a unique soul in God’s vast Creation, were created perfect, a perfect image of the Divine. You are not divine yourself, yet you may attain this divinity, this substantial transformation at the level of your soul, should you choose such a path. And this is for the choosing, it is an option, available to each and every soul on Earth and in spirit. It is even available to and attainable by those children of our beloved Father who have fallen so far as to be inhabiting the realms of Hell at this time. There is no unforgivable sin.

I come to speak of this because I see into the hearts of many, and many need to hear. There is no eternal damnation. Never, since the beginning of Creation, has a soul been condemned to such a fate. Never.

There is love awaiting each one. Holy love. Love of the highest order. It is time to turn your faces to God, beloveds. You who have sinned. You, who others have called a sinner. You who fear God. You who fear that God could never love you, because your earthly parents could not. You who see the world as a place of trial and await to be judged.

Come to God, all of you. Turn towards the Light. Ask for His blessings. Ask Him to forgive you. Ask to be shown the way to the redemption of your soul. Ask and receive. It is law.

I am Yeshua and I know the way.

the end of the world is coming

Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on July 19, 2020

I bring you good tidings. It is the news of a world redeemed, a world where man no longer has to strive to exist, but instead lives a life where God is the answer to all one could seek, and the end to which all roads are destined.

We are now in a time of change. The world that man has created in error has ceased to provide the happiness and nourishment to satisfy those who live within it. God shall intervene this time. He is taking back the reins and He will not be allowing evil to continue its course unchecked.

The driving force behind much of the decision-making in this world is greed. The force of greed, which is a lust for power and dominion over others of lesser stature, is one that shall be quelled and overcome by the hand of God.

I come to you tonight to clarify some things that have been in confusion in the past, things which humanity is now ready to hear.

There is no devil. There is no force that pulls humanity away from God, other than those spirits who once roamed the Earth themselves and seek to subvert the will of God. They are lost souls. Some seek dominion, thinking it is theirs to obtain. Their influence can be powerful. The ones that you consider to be devils, the dark ones who live in torment and cannot fathom that the Father could love them, have lost sight of their own salvation and do not seek to repent. Thus they are condemned to a life of misery, and this is by their own volition.

You must understand that our Father does not punish. He is always willing to forgive. Yet if this forgiveness is not sought, then it is not given, and there remains a stain upon that soul who has acted out of harmony. This stain colors the soul’s experiences. When enough stains have been accrued, so to speak, the discoloration of that soul obliterates its light. The light is still there, but it cannot shine through this dark covering.

Many can perceive such a state in another person or in a spirit, even when they cannot see that spirit with their eyes or they cannot figure out why they find a particular person disturbing. This is a soul perception. Ironically, a person with a darkened soul could feign kindness, yet inside be brimming with hate. Their words might be soothing, yet to the sensitive soul these would be suspect.

Do not be deceived by appearances! Many in this world are playing a game of trickery. Their words mean little. Their true natures will reveal themselves once God’s light has shone upon them. And this will come. This will come.

Trust in your Holy Father. Trust that He will show you the darkness from the light. And whatever you do, do not hide your own darkness. Give it up to God. Choose love, and repent for your sins. He is merciful. And He loves you, each and every one. I am Yeshua.


Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on July 9, 2020

I am here. I come with a message of reassurance tonight. It is a reassurance that although the end of God’s plan for this world may not be apparent when one looks out one’s window to what is going on, there is a destiny for this world and all who are upon it.

What I share with you is a vision of the months and years to come. First, you will be witness to change that takes place in all areas of life as you know it, from what you eat to where you work and how you live your life. The rules will change for the many, and also the way that resources are distributed. This is not God’s plan, but man’s.  A resurgence of fear will set to fire any hope of resolution and return to the way things were in the past.

Next, you will witness a decisive split in the politics of the world, as certain powers form allies with one another. This division will provoke war. Now whether this plays out to its fullest degree is largely dependent upon man. Those who take sides will feel the brunt of anger that is man’s expression these days. Those who choose not to choose sides, who value life and peace over war and destruction, will be spared this emotional and physical terror by their own doing. You can walk away.

This is where trust comes into play. God desires for all to be at peace. When you choose peace over war, you choose to be in alignment with God’s will, which is the most powerful force in the Universe.

God’s will will be done. Ultimately, God’s plan is to unite humanity in peace and in harmony. It is but one step in the evolution of His Creation. The next is to unite Heaven and Earth in a paradise where all may thrive. Now these things are not going to come about overnight, and not in the life span of some of you reading this message at the time it is written.

The impetus for change is often strife, and strife will soon be your lot if you do not seek the harmony and security of a life lived in God’s care, in deference to His will, which is always beneficial for you in the long term, if not in the short term. He is not going to let His children suffer needlessly, and you can trust this fact for I declare it to you. Yet who are His children? In fact, all of humanity are His beloved children. Many do not see themselves as such: they are children of lesser gods or children of no god. Yet their Heavenly Father, God to all, patiently awaits their return to His loving embrace. He does not judge. He waits. The suffering inflicted upon those who turn away is the suffering of man left to his own will, his own fate, his own laws.

God’s laws are perfect. They allow for mistakes, yet do not condone them. They reward the just and allow punishment to be inflicted upon the merciless.

I ask that you trust your Heavenly Father. You who recognize His sovereignty, His goodness, His benevolence—trust in Him. Trust in His plan, His plan for you and His plan for the world. The world you knew is slipping away, transformed and remodelled in His love and will. The darkness shall dissipate. It may be that the new world emerges from the ashes of man’s doing. But it will be God’s world. And that is a world worth believing in and waiting for.

I am His son, the one who walked on this Earth so many years ago and who is still with you to show you the way. I am Yeshua ben Yosef.


Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on July 6, 2020

I am here, Yeshua. My message tonight is on the topic of peace. I have spoken of this before in messages through this instrument.

Tonight I wish to discuss how peace pertains to the conditions in your world these days. You notice a lack of peace; there is unrest, an uncertainty of what is to come. This sets people off balance, in their thinking, their routines, their interactions with others. It is a vibration that pervades the world at this time.

Peace is a state of knowing that all is well despite appearances. It is security at a fundamental level. When one has a sense of security at this level, it does not matter what happens on the outside in one’s life.

Peace is detachment, especially detachment from those things and events over which one lacks control and certainty.

The basis for peace is trust. It is not trust in the world, for the world changes. Allegiances change. Life changes.

Peace is knowing you are provided for when you cannot fathom how or when this will come about.

It is God who can give you comfort when there is none to be found. He is your true shepherd. It is God’s touch that calms your mind when all about is in chaos.

Ask for His help always, my brothers and sisters. Ask for His guidance, and you will be shown the path of security and safety in the tumult. Ask and it is given, my children.

God created this world to be in harmony, but it is not. He created it to be peaceful, and it is anything but. The Earth herself shudders and shakes; she is restless. She is crying out in exasperation at what has been inflicted upon her. This must stop. God hears her cries. He is not going to let her suffer anymore.

This is where you come in, my dear children. You live upon this Earth. Your lives take shape on this Earth in the advent of your journey in spirit, which is eternal. This journey continues, my dear ones. Fear not the departure from this world in which you live. Fear not. It is but a stepping stone to greater life, a fuller life.

Many will be leaving this world in times to come. Many. I say this not to frighten you. The manner in which I left this world was a terrible tragedy. Yet love and life awaited me, and the nurturing I received from my Father was far greater than any I could have received from life on this Earth.

How many suffer already? Leading lives poorer than the cattle in someone’s field. How many are ripped from their loved ones to fight in wars and commit atrocities they can never forgive themselves for?  There is no true peace here, beloveds. Peace lies with God. His plan is for the salvation of all. For some, that salvation will not be found here in this life, but in the journey of the spirit. The Earth life must be relinquished, and something better embraced in its stead.

This will not be the case for all. All are not meant to perish in these times of tribulation. But those who stay must be strong, for the world will not be as it was, and as they had perhaps expected it to be. This could not be so.

I urge you all to take shelter in the arms of your Heavenly Father, who hears your cries and knows your fears. Find peace in His eternal embrace, letting go of your need to be in this world. Be in His world, a world of love eternal.

I have come to embrace you in my arms too. I am here for you. I walk with you to the end, to the new life that awaits beyond. Be not afraid. You are loved dearly. I am Yeshua.


Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on July 5, 2020

It is Yeshua. Today’s lesson is about forgiveness.

This is a time when many are behaving in ways that are not conducive to harmony. Many are afraid. Many fear what lies ahead and are grasping to preserve a lifestyle that cannot persist, given the changing conditions within your world. There is much anger and aggression. The aggression does not always come in words or actions, but in the thoughts of one who is fearful and seeks to defend his way of life.

There will come a time when many fight for resources. There will come a time when the needs of the many cannot be met in the way they were in the past. There may come a time when one’s own neighbours are no longer willing to give as they have in times past, fearing their own safety and livelihood will be threatened by doing so.

Be prepared. You must rely on yourselves in times such as these. Have faith in God, that He will guide you to the bounty He wishes you to receive. Allow Him to lead you on a path that is not of fear, but rather of hope, the hope for a better future that is His plan for the human race.

Your brothers and sisters of this world are mere children. They know not the way. You must show them. You must be a light, for when all else is dark they will not know which way to turn, and that way is to God, the greatest light of all.

Forgive them their trespasses. Forgive them their mistakes. Have compassion, and pray for them. If you give in to anger, it will only prolong their stay in darkness, and you will not show them the way home.

Be at peace, for God is with you. Walk in light, for there you will find salvation. I have prepared a way for all. I call you to follow me.

With love, and a blessing to all who read this,

I am Yeshua bar Yosef*, The Way, the Truth, and the Life

*For whatever reason, today he used the Aramaic "bar" rather than the Hebrew "ben" in his name.

Also, please note in reference to the content of this message that I (the medium) reside in North America.


Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on July 3, 2020

It is Yeshua. I come to speak on the subject of making decisions about the life one is to lead. Decisions are not easy to come by at times, for what seems like an easy choice in the short term may very well lead to chaos and destruction in the future. For example, where does one choose to live? In a place where the rent is affordable, or where the water is fresh? Where there is luxury and glamour, or where there is simplicity? What does one seek to gain from one’s surroundings? Is it envy? Do the things in life matter, or do the people?

The motivation behind one’s choices will colour the outcome. Those motivated from a place of anger will find their actions lead to confrontation and resistance. On the other hand, a peacefully made choice, a choice which satisfies the soul, will not only benefit the one choosing, but will have an effect on others that is peaceful and uplifting. Doors will open.

Make your choices from the level of soul, with what resonates with your heart. Choose with love, not fear. Be at peace when choosing. Do not rush about fearfully, in a hurry to escape a perceived or imminent threat. There is always time for prayer. There is always a plan, a way forward, that God provides for you in His love and care. The way will be shown when you ask. Ask for what is best for all. Ask what is your Heavenly Father’s will. It may be different than what you anticipate or desire. Be open. The way God selects for you will be the best way, the safest way, the surest way. He knows you, and He knows the world you live in. Choose God’s way, the way of truth, the way to greater life.

Love and fear

Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on July 2, 2020

This is not a time for fear. It is a time for love. Centre yourself in love. Always. Nothing will touch you. I mean nothing.

There is a time for speculation about the events that have occurred and are to occur. The light of day will reach those who seek it. And night will fall on those who don’t. Be a light in the darkness and you will help many.

Yes, this message is intended for others. I will speak to many on this topic, many mediums, for many wonder, and some doubt. Do not doubt me. You will be protected. However, you must stay within the energies of love and protection for this to succeed. Your free will determines much, if not all, of your experience on Earth.

This path is not for the faint of heart. For here you swim against the current. And it is a strong one.

Be still and know that the answers are within. Let love overtake your consciousness. Love is the doorway to opening your soul to God’s truth. Fear is not.

You can’t move forward in fear. It keeps you rooted firmly to the ground on which you stand. It permits no change or transformation. It is stasis.

I will not give you a timeline for the events that are to come in this world. That would be folly. For all is changing, all is in flux. The future is uncertain to the degree that man has a say in its unfolding. Will he choose love? Will he choose to reach to his Heavenly Father for all reassurance and guidance, knowing his needs will be met and the way shown? Or will he choose the darkness and confusion that is the path of fear? Fear gives no answers. It is no beacon of light, showing the way. Fear makes one blind to truth.

I reiterate the need to seek daily guidance. And seek it from God yourself, and not from man. Man lacks the capacity to foresee the solutions required to bring about lasting change in this world. The ideas of man are focussed on short term solutions. He puts out one fire and moves on to the next. He does not seek to know the cause of these fires, nor how to prevent them in the first place.

We of the Heavenly realms suggest that the only answer is to seek and heal the cause of such disharmonies. And then an answer will be found. Not the answer that man desires, necessarily, but one that will create lasting change in the world and a restoration of the harmony that once existed.

We know it is not an easy road. For much must be re-evaluated, and ultimately cast away. I refer to the habits of man, which are detrimental to himself and to the world at large.

It will require re-education and much light—the light of wisdom that God provides to those who listen and are capable of hearing the answers without bias.

Know that this is possible—for many. Many hear but merely lack confidence in their ability to hear what is given from spirit through their own souls. Many feel that others would be better suited to interpret the guidance that they themselves have been given. This is not so.

Never defer the responsibility of insight to another. Yes, it must be honed, it must be practiced, it must be tested. One must come to that place of trusting in oneself. Yet with prayer and perseverance it is possible. All is possible.

I will end with a word of wisdom to all: Look up. Your Heavenly Father sees you. He loves you with a love you cannot imagine. He will provide for your needs in these times. He will guide you firmly upon your path. Just ask, and permit Him to do for you those things you cannot do yourself. All will be given to those who seek God’s love and truth.

I am Yeshua, your brother and teacher, one who loves and will lead the way.


Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on November 24, 2017

There are many people in this world who look for the truth. For some it can be elusive. It takes much dedication, persistence and effort to steel oneself against the onslaught of lies and half-truths that abound within the consciousness of humanity and to forge ahead into an unknowable realm. Truth lies in the realm of God, who is the originator of all creation. There is no agenda with our Heavenly Father; His truth simply is.

The paths to truth are many, yet the destination is one alone.  For truth is not in the eye of the beholder, it is above and beyond the subversive nature of willful perception. It cannot be changed or altered based on beliefs, and once a truth is known there is no use for belief or further speculation. The truth is not hidden, it is merely obscured by a fog of doubt and an agenda that is often perverted. 

For one to discover the truth, one must be willing to let go of that which is erroneous. For some, this letting go is simple and unimpeded: they are not attached to illusions and falsehoods. For others, the task can be overwhelming, for it requires one to abandon the entire foundation on which one's life has been constructed. This is the case for many people. They do not care to relinquish that which has fed and nurtured their material being, despite the synthetic base of this nourishment. Instead, they would continue on in comfort, avoiding any morsels of truth that do come their way. The folly in this course of action is that the truth cannot be forever kept at bay. It is inevitable that the search for truth will prevail, if not in one's own life then in one's neighbour's. The truth will only remain obscured when all of mankind supports its masking. And then darkness will surely fall.

Seek the truth, my beloved brothers and sisters. It is with God. Pray to be shown that which eludes you. Have faith in the power of God to light your way. His Love is the only food for your soul, and it will give clarity and substance to the seeds of truth that are implanted within the soul. However you view the truth now, hold it lightly. Test it, that it speaks to your soul.

Be at peace, knowing it is God's plan for all to come to that place of truth.

Living the path of love

Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on June 11, 2017

It is Yeshua. I come to teach of the purpose of walking with God—that is, living one’s life in alignment with His will. There are two reasons. First, it enhances the harmony of the whole. The harmony consists of many parts—each being has its note to contribute. When all beings emit their note purposefully, a harmony of sound is achieved which allows for a better world for all.

The second reason for uniting oneself with God’s will is that it leads to the perfection of the soul. The design by which you were made consists of unique features, unique gifts and unique potential. You are different than every other being who exists on this Earth, who has ever existed here, and who will ever come into existence. Therefore, no-one else has the potential to become what God has created you to be. This is your job—and your opportunity—alone.

To serve God by becoming your best self, you are asked to listen for that still, quiet voice, which directs the course of your life. You are asked to shut out the din of outer voices, which are all vying for your attention and encouraging you to follow alternate paths which are not of God. The path to God is the path of love. All else is false. To turn aside from this path is ultimately to betray oneself. For love is the nourishment of the soul, the generator that allows one’s gifts and abilities to blossom, and one’s truest being to shine forth, uplifting all.

You will know when you are not on this path. You will be unhappy, unfulfilled. You will long for change. This change can come when you unite your intentions with the will of God. Love will guide you. Love will pull you toward the centre of your self.

Worship Part 2

Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on March 26, 2017

The purpose of worship is to show God your love for Him. When you worship God, it is without strings attached. Your expression of love is unconditional. You ask nothing in return. You appreciate all that He is and the bounty that He has provided for you, and the great gift of this life that He has given you.

There is humility in worship, a recognition that one is lesser than God. As a child of God, you exist in His image. It is an image only, as the only way to become realized as His child is to receive His eternal substance: His love.

When you pray, be still. Be aware of your true self, the you that survives beyond the physical life. When you are still you are capable of hearing God. The love that you are seeking seeks you. In this place of stillness, you and God meet. Here you may express your deepest soul's yearnings, knowing your desires will be met with a response that honours your true worth. 

The light within you shines brightly, more brightly than you can perceive. Be at one with God and it will shine more brightly still. There is no limit, no end to the progression you can make in your growth toward God. The journey is endless. Rejoice in the beauty of this endless journey of love. Rejoice in the unbounded love your Creator has for you. It is to Him you owe all, and from Him all is given.


Received from Yeshua ben Yosef on March 14, 2017

Seek the love of God above all else. It is before you, within reach. Do not think that you have to earn it. You have only to ask that it be given to you and it shall. Do not fear God. He is love. And He shall instill this love in you in ever greater amounts if you should ask for it and allow its benevolent influence.

God means you well. Likewise, you should give Him your deepest gratitude and most humble respect. There is but one God. He is your Creator, your loving parent.

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