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It has taken me a long time to develop a personal relationship with God.

I was raised a Christian; my parents belonged to the United Church. I may have believed in God as a child, but I didn’t know God. As a young adult I forgot God and even questioned whether God existed. My soul was seeking something, but I wasn’t conscious of what that was. Buddhism calmed my mind; practicing Reiki healing opened my heart to feel compassion for others. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Divine Love in 2011 that a door was opened to bring God back into my life. As I joined in meditation and prayer with others who were seeking the Love of God and felt the healing presence of Celestial angels in our circle, I finally had the feeling that I was home, that this was what I had been seeking all along.

After a few years of prayer practice, I came to know God. The mere belief in God fell away, to be replaced by the beginnings of a beautiful relationship between a soul parent and a soul child. As God’s Love grows within me and as my love for God deepens, my desire to serve God becomes ever stronger.  And this is why the opportunity arose for me to channel Yeshua’s book.

We all have gifts within us. Some are clear from the start; others emerge and blossom slowly over the years. My gift of clairaudience began to emerge when I was in my late 20’s, in the early stages of my Usui Reiki training. I became able to communicate with my spirit guides. I had other psychic faculties to a smaller degree: clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairsentience.  These gave a bit more depth and colour to the messages I received from guides and the impressions I received while doing Reiki treatments.

After being initiated into Karuna Reiki™ by William Lee Rand in 2008, I was drawn to communicate with higher spirits, and a few years later I felt myself becoming particularly drawn to the one I had learned about in church, namely Jesus. I wanted to be like him, to be good and pure. Now that I look back, I think he was calling to me.

I can’t begin to convey how brilliant a teacher Yeshua is (I do prefer to call him Yeshua, as his disciples would have done). His patience seems infinite; his wisdom is profound. He reminded me to seek first the Kingdom of God, and I think that is his best advice to anyone. As it is written in the Bible (Matthew 6:33): 

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

The way to survive and ultimately thrive in the unpredictable and chaotic world in which we are currently living is to seek God. Seek to know God, seek to be transformed by His Love, and seek to follow His guidance. If you allow Him, He will carry you through anything. He will provide for your material needs. He will protect you. He loves us all so much. This is the point of Yeshua’s novel. Although not to be taken literally, it is a prophecy for our times. There will be hardships and tragedies. There will be great, unprecedented changes to the world in which we live. But on the other side of all of it is a new world, transformed and reborn by God’s will and grace and love.

-Jane Gartshore, B.A., N.D., April 15, 2020

Update: June 23, 2020

For those interested in reading additional communications I have received from Yeshua and other Celestial Angels, I have created this little PDF.  It is a small selection of excerpts of guidance I have received in the period of 2013 to early 2020, and contains a few "formal" messages from Yeshua (whom I have referred to as Jesus in this book as I was calling him that at the time).

Wisdom from the Angels.pdf Wisdom from the Angels.pdf
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About Mediumship

Mediumship, or channeling, involves communication between a living person and a non-physical being, such as the spirit of a deceased human being. Life does not end at the death of the physical body; the soul continues its existence, housed in a spirit body that can be similar in appearance to the physical body, although few people can clearly see bodies of this lighter density. In order to relay a message from the other side, mediums, or channels, might allow the spirit to control their brain and hand, expressing the message through automatic writing; they might allow the spirit to speak through them; or they might use psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience or claircognizance to perceive the message so they can write it down or tell it to someone. In order for the message to come through in a clear way, the medium needs to have a good rapport or connection with the spirit, a lack of ulterior motives, and a clear mind, uncluttered by emotional baggage and scattered thoughts. 

Communicating with spirit is like tuning in to a radio station. If the rapport between the spirit and the medium is not good, then the message will be difficult to decipher, just as a song may be disrupted by static if the radio is not properly tuned to that particular station. What enhances rapport between a spirit and a living person is a feeling of love and intentional connection and a compatible state of soul development. Just as an AM radio is not going to pick up FM stations, a medium who has dubious ideals will not be able to connect with and clearly transmit a message from a higher spirit who has the intention of teaching messages of love and wisdom.

About this novel

For the Love of His Own Creation was transmitted to me from Yeshua mostly by dictation. This means that I could "hear" the words, although not with my physical ears. The book was also what I would describe as "downloaded" to me before we started, although I do not understand this process and therefore could not begin to explain the process or the implications of it. The novel was originally recorded by hand, on paper; later I typed it out on the computer. 

The process took 6 months (from early December 2015 to early June 2016), although the preparation to do the work began in February 2015. In order to achieve a sufficient rapport with Yeshua, I had to undergo a process of spiritual growth that involved me spending time communing with him and learning from him. He helped me understand and work through some emotional baggage from my past. During this time I also spent time reaching to God in prayer for truth, for help in overcoming blocks to my mediumship, for protection from the influence of lower spirits, and—of course—for Divine Love.

When it was finally time to begin receiving the novel, I was not told what it would be about. As the story progressed, Yeshua would sometimes give me a bit of context for the upcoming section, but it was like walking in the dark, with no sense of where the story would ultimately go. I did not know how long it would take, although he did say it would be about 400 pages (and it was approximately that, handwritten). The process was a huge test of faith!

Each time I sat to do the work, I would start by asking God to clear my home of lower spirits and protect me from non-Celestial influences. I would ask for the angels to be with me, and for help in achieving and maintaining a good rapport with Yeshua. 

Sometimes the words did not flow. I would be stuck on the same sentence, unable to decipher what came next. That was very frustrating, but it caused me to pray more, and more prayer is always a good thing. Sometimes the words flowed so well that it seemed like I bypassed hearing them and simply knew them; I would write pages at a time. On occasions I would receive visual impressions that helped me make sense of the story and focus my reception of the words. 

Normally when receiving a message from spirit it is not vital to transmit every word perfectly, as long as the meaning is intact. This project was different, and at times very frustrating for me, as I was used to receiving messages more easily and quickly—since their purpose had been for guidance. This project required a much higher standard of accuracy. Although synonyms and variations in sentence structure would not necessarily change the meaning of the work, it was preferred that the story be recorded as written, using the specific words chosen by Yeshua. For example, on page 222 of the book (paperback version) it reads: "There were pools and fountains, rockwork and gardens, surrounding the most beautiful little stone houses. Grass grew in abundance between these structures." I originally perceived the last word to be "features." I was told that the "tures" part of the word was correct. It was like playing charades! Eventually I guessed the correct word. If I had not been corrected, would the meaning of the sentence change? Not really. 

Although my final effort fell short of perfection (it would have taken a holy person to have that clarity!), Yeshua reassured me again and again that his implied message was intact and that I should go ahead and publish it. I had spent another 2 months, after the original 6, to proofread the work and receive guidance from Yeshua as to parts that needed correction, while asking God to help me get into better spiritual condition. As a recovering perfectionist, it is still hard for me to let things go at less than perfect. But I realized the need for this book to be read by many—soon!—far outweighed the need to have every single word and comma exactly right. Every time I read the novel I get something more out of it, it touches me more deeply and increases my faith in God's plan. I am blown away by its beauty and rawness and the example it sets for how one should be in this world. If this book touches you, please share it widely!

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