The purpose of this website is to provide some background information for the book For the Love of His Own Creation: A Novel by Yeshua ben Yosef, and to present new channeled teaching messages from Yeshua.  

From the back cover of the paperback:

In 2015 an unknown Canadian medium, who was dedicated to seeking truth, was given the opportunity to channel a unique message from spirit: a novel about God's love for humanity. It was Yeshua ben Yosef, known to many as Jesus Christ, who composed this great work and transmitted it to the medium. The purpose of the novel was to teach anew the importance of our relationship with God. As the characters of the book experience joys and tragedies in their lives and are faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, we see the results of lives lived without a conscious relationship with God contrasted with those lived in harmony with His will. From there the reader will be inspired to explore his or her own relationship with God. 

If you have not read the book yet, you are welcome to download a freecopy here:

For the Love of His Own Creation-1.pdf For the Love of His Own Creation-1.pdf
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For the Love of His Own Creation-1.epub For the Love of His Own Creation-1.epub
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For the Love of His Own Creation.mobi For the Love of His Own Creation.mobi
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If you prefer to read a print copy, you can order the paperback version (July 2017) from Lulu.com. The original hardcover version is also still available on Lulu.

This website was created by Jane Gartshore, the medium who channeled the novel. To find out more about Jane and about mediumship in general, go to the ABOUT page.  If you would like to support Jane in her work, click the donate button. Donations are humbly appreciated.

The title of the novel was chosen by Yeshua. The “His” in For the Love of His Own Creation refers to God, for this is a novel about God’s love for humanity. The subtitle was added by the medium to clarify that the novel itself was written by Yeshua ben Yosef and not Jane Gartshore.

Yeshua’s introduction to the novel, which was received by Jane Gartshore on August 11, 2016, after the rest of the work had been received and corrected, is very important to keep in mind when reading the novel. The fictional tale is used as a teaching tool, just as Yeshua often taught through parables while teaching during his ministry.

My brothers and sisters who read this book: to you I speak. This is a book that is not to be taken lightly. I have written it that you will learn from it. Please take to heart its message of love; you will need this love in the times to come, when your faith will determine the road that you must travel. Do not be afraid of darkness, but seek to know your God, and He will bring you into His light. I am the way, and I shall lead you. Peace be within you as you read. You are loved. I am your friend, your brother, and I walk with you.

The TEACHINGS page will be added to when Yeshua delivers a new message to the medium.  As the timing of these messages is up to Yeshua, posts may be sporadic.